The 10 best Roblox FPS games

A diverse selection of great shooters all in one place.

There are not a lot of free games that offer full first-person shooter experiences. Although Call of Duty: Warzone, and titles alike, are unique takes on the genre, Roblox delivers games that behold Team Deathmatch and one-life survival matches of honorable quality. If you’re on PC, mobile, or Xbox, here are the FPS titles you need to play first on Roblox.


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One of the most colorful games on this list is Arsenal. It doesn’t try to replicate popular military shooters, with it being much more comedic, placing matches on a luxurious beachside, mansions, and even spaceships. Even though it’s scarce on content at the moment, it’s still addicting when taking out teams with unconventional weapons, like swords, blasters, and flamethrowers.

Bad Business

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Bad Business is one of the rare few that works hard to make you forget you’re playing Roblox. The game has its own in-depth progression system, has a familiar loadout build structure, and rewards players loads of skins for completing challenges. It is team-based, but expect many to ignore capturing objectives as kills are more beneficial for leveling up.

Big Paintball

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The level of detail in Big Paintball is worthy of an award. For one, each shot leaves different color paint splatters on the battlefield, leaving the map in disarray at the match’s end. The shooting also takes distance and the weight of paintballs into account, so their trajectory is more like a cannon than bullets. With plenty of guns and locations, Big Paintball is great for competitive play against friends.

Call of Roblox

This isn’t the Call of Duty experience you may believe it is, but it’s reminiscent of the franchise’s Campaign mode. Here, you can create loadouts and storm beaches to go after waves of enemies with many players by your side. The environment is well-designed, even for a Roblox game, with numerous trenches, homes, and hills to strategically fire from.

Counter Blox

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This is exactly what it seems like – almost to a tee. There are only a few modes, but each map is certainly recognizable and has the same bleak color pallet as those from the PC cult classic, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The gameplay is also fairly realistic, but you may find yourself questioning if some hitboxes actually cause damage.

Mad Paintball 2

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The other paintball FPS on this list is much more arcady. Mad Paintball 2 focuses on beating your friends’ high scores and earning in-game currency for doing so. However, the game is also significant in that it presents a capture the flag mode – which most don’t. It is fast-paced and drops you into some massive maps for paint-filled fun.

Military Combat Tycoon

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This first-person shooter differs dramatically from the rest, as the main goal is to increase your squad’s base size. With more collected kills, your team will earn access to tanks, helicopters, and money to build additional rooms for your hideout. The map can be considered too large for some, as driving to enemy bases can take minutes, but it’s still perfect for those bringing along a big group of friends.

Phantom Forces

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It’s safe to say that Phantom Forces is the best Roblox take on Call of Duty. The game has over 100 guns and a handful of complex but eerily familiar maps to try them on. It does get bogged down by its insistence that you buy weapons crates to unlock gear, but you can go for hours without feeling like you have to purchase anything.


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Polybattle is for those who are dedicated to modes like Modern Warfare’s Ground War. The game is centered around two countries battling it out for full control of the five main bases on one of the gigantic outdoor maps. Like its inspiration, users can expect a collection of vehicles and weapons available from the start of the game. The only setback may be the aiming, as the sensitivity options don’t alter the camera’s speed by much.

Zombie Uprising

It’s not all about PvP shooters in Roblox. Zombie Uprising is a challenging arcade-based game that pits a lobby against waves of the undead. If players can get to higher rounds, they’ll partake in raids that feature high-adrenaline boss battles. Some locations are quite bland and don’t bring much else but flat land. Though, the thrill of surpassing tough rounds can take your mind off this.

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