How to get Galarian forms of Mr. Mime, Ponyta, Corsola, and Meowth from Mystery Gifts in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Mystery Gifts for everyone before the Isle of Armor releases.

Sword and Shield

Close to the end of June, we can expect the first expansion for Pokémon Sword and Sheild to arrive to give players a new region to explore with new Pokémon to encounter. While we don’t have an exact release date for the expansion at this time, developer GameFreak wants to keep players invested in its arrival by introducing four weeks of free Mystery Gifts.

You can receive them starting on May 21, and there’s one available every week for the next four weeks. The Mystery Gifts will contain a Galarian form of a particular Pokémon, along with additional gifts inside to use on your Pokémon adventure.

Week 1: Galarian Mr. Mime

The first Pokémon in the Mystery Gifts is Galarian Mr. Mime. You can receive it from May 21 until May 28. It will have the Hidden Ability Ice Body, and will also come with a Lure Ball, a Moon Ball, a Heavy Ball, and a Dream Ball.

Week 2: Galarian Ponyta

The second Pokémon is a Galarian Ponyta. You can receive it from May 28 to June 4. It will have the Hidden Ability Anticipation, and you will also receive a Level Ball, a Fast Ball, a Love Ball, a Friend Ball, and a Beast Ball.

Week 3: Galarian Corsola

The third Pokémon available in these Mystery Gifts is the Galarian Corsola. You can receive it from June 4 to June 11. It will have the Hidden Ability Curse Body, and come with a Sweet Apple, a Tart Apple, a Chipped Pot, a Cracked Pot, a Sachet, and a Whipped Dream.

Week 4: Galarian Meowth

The final available Pokémon is a Galarian Meowth. It is the final gift, and is available from June 11 to June 18. It will have the hidden ability Unnerve, and come with 50 Big Nuggets, and 100 EXP Candies L.

To receive your Mystery Gifts, make sure you jump onto Pokémon Sword and Shield to receive it. You need to go to the main menu of your game and choose the option Mystery Gift. From there, click Get a Mystery Gift, and then click Get via Internet. Your Switch will connect to the internet and it will search for available gifts. If you did not claim your Mystery Gift for the week, one will be available containing the Pokémon and their respective items.

All of this is to build the anticipation of Pokémon Sword and Shield’s expansion Isle of Armor. You can expect the expansion to release sometime after this, likely before the end of June.