How to get gem stones in The Survivalists

Red, rare, and risky.

There are few late-game materials as important as gem stones in The Survivalists. They can only be found in one dangerous biome and are required for repairs on high-level tools or create fast travel points across the map.

Gem stones are only found in the volcanic biome. You will need a raft, sail, and multiple glass jars of cold water – to reach a volcanic island, build the raft and sail. Due to the procedurally generated nature of the game, we can’t say where to go. Pick a direction and keep going.

Volcanic biomes are dangerous. Strong enemies, more Orclings, and high temperatures will send an unprepared adventurer back to spawn. Put a couple of storage chests on the raft and have a monkey carry one with food, backup weapons, and cold water. The water will provide a heat buff. You can tolerate heat for a limited time without it damaging your health. The heat will only bother you on the black sand parts of the beach. They are marked on the map. If you can walk around them, you can avoid damaging heat.

Gem stones are shiny red rocks, the nodes are black, with the red stones growing out of them. Lightweight picks are a good tool to use because of their durability. Gem stone nodes are strong and will take more hits than metal or gold nodes. This will wear down tool durability. The nodes drop about three to four gem stones each, so be ready with backup weapons.

Gem stones are necessary for teleporters and repairing high-quality tools inside vaults. Teleporters allow you to fast travel to any other teleporter on the map. You will need to place the teleporters yourself and build outposts around them to secure them. They are costly in resources, requiring multiple gem stones and gold. We haven’t encountered the high-rank tools, but broken ones can be repaired with gem stones inside vaults.