How to get Ghost Badges in My Time at Sandrock

Themed tokens for you to earn.

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The Ghost Badges are an exclusive item you can earn at certain times in My Time at Sandrock. You’ll use them at the Chase of Memories event, which occurs on the 27th of Summer. You’ll have the chance to use these items during the event. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Ghost Badges in My Time at Sandrock.

How to get Ghost Badges

Leading up to the big summer event, you can earn Ghost Badges by completing specific Commissions at the Commerce Guild Store. Inside, you’ll find specific Chase of Memorie Commissions available on the board. These Commissions stand out from the others as they have a different color paper from the rest of the Commissions, and they will have a Ghost Badge icon as their reward.

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Seven days before the Chase of Memories event begins, you’ll receive a letter about them appearing on the Commerce board. After that, there will be a new one every day for the rest of the week, meaning you want to prioritize these Commissions over the others, given the exclusive reward you receive for completing them. You’ll want to be quick on these Commissions as you only have a few days to complete them after accepting to work on their projects.

You can earn more during the Ghosthunting game held at the Chase of Memories event when it starts. Make sure to run over to City Hall when the event begins so you can participate, or you might miss out on the chance to earn exclusive prizes.