How to get Goblite Tears in Warframe

Tears of the gobs.


Goblite Tears are a crafted resource in Warframe, which means you will need another resource and a blueprint to make it. It is used in the manufacturing of Kitgun parts, K-Drives, Sentinels, Moas, and Necramechs.

To purchase the Goblite Tears blueprint, you will need to visit Smokefinger at Fortuna. The blueprint is available for 2000 Standing starting at the rank of Outworlder with the Solaris United. You can earn Standing with Solaris United by doing Bounties for Eduico, who can be found near the main door that leads to Orb Vallis.

You will need to manufacture Goblite Tears in the Foundry using the following resources:

  • 2500 Credits
  • 10 Goblite

Each build run will produce 10 Goblite Tears.


Goblite can be found on the Orb Vallis by mining blue mineral veins using the Sunpoint Plasma Drill. This drill can be purchased from Smokefinger for 2500 Standing at the Rank of Neutral. There is also a small chance that it can drop from containers found on Orb Vallis.

The final source for Goblite is through a drop from the Exploiter Orb boss fight. While this is an interesting source of many important resources, it is not an advisable way to farm Goblite due to the length of time it takes to finish the fight as opposed to simply mining.