How to get Graviton Technology in OGame

What hath science wrought?

Image via GameForge

Did you ever watch the Empire in Star Wars and think you could do it better? Well, now you have your chance. Jump from one system to the next in style with your new and shiny Death Star technology in OGame. If you want to unlock this ultimate power in the galaxy, you’ll need some powerful technologies to do it.

One of the key technologies required to create a Death Star is Graviton Technology. This is one of the most expensive technologies to get, however, so either build a strong alliance or get ready to do some grinding to get it.

The good news is that there is no material cost to creating Graviton Technology in OGame. It won’t require any Metal or Crystal to research. The bad news is that you’ll need a staggering 300,000 energy to research it. You’ll also need to have unlocked Shipyard Level 12 and Research Lab Level 12 to even begin the process. Upping your Nanite Factory to at least Level 3 is recommended to cut down on production time.

How can you amass so much energy? The only viable way to do so is to invest heavily in Solar Satellites. You’ll need a fair number of them, depending on what sort of planet you’re on. The closer to a sun you are, the stronger the solar energy and the fewer satellites you’ll need. However, other players will probably want to put a stop to your research into the ultimate superweapon, so you’ll want to be somewhere remote enough that you might not be noticed.

To figure out how many satellites you’ll need, you’ll want to do a bit of math.

  • Turn off all your mines on the planet you plan on doing the research on
  • Subtract your total energy cost from 300,000
  • Divide this number by the production per satellite on the planet

Once you have this number, you can plan how to make such an undertaking. Good luck and watch out for rebel scum.