How to get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

It’s like blood essence, but greater.

Image via Stunlock Studios

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There are a few milestones within V Rising that are intentionally difficult for players to hit. Whether they require a bit of grinding to finally achieve an RNG drop, or deft maneuvering to find rare resources.

The Greater Blood Essence falls entirely in the former camp, locked behind a tough grind for newer players to the title. In V Rising, Unsullied Hearts must be found and turned in, as groups of four, to an operational Blood Press in an owned castle. This, in turn, results in a singular Greater Blood Essence.

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The grind difficulty of Unsullied Hearts, however, is well-known to most players. It’s a necessary step, however, of obtaining Greater Blood Essence until mid-game. A specific Blood Altar target, Tristan the Vampire Hunter, offers a recipe to turn standard Blood Essence into Greater Blood Essence. The level 46 boss roams around the map, and is no simple fight, but defeating him brings the mid-to-late game into reach with astounding ease. Gearing up to find and eliminate Tristan should be a priority for all vampires.

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The good news is that Tristan the Vampire Hunter roams around the map, typically sticking to paths. Stalk the boss during the daytime, and find a good, clear area to engage him once night falls. Finding a region near Treants, bears, or Stone Golems can help distract the boss during the fight, giving players vital time to heal. Once Tristan no longer walks this mortal coil, players will then have a new recipe within the Blood Press allowing 200 Blood Essence to be turned into a single Greater Blood Essence.

Amassing the necessary Greater Blood Essence for constructing various production buildings, such as the throne, is almost impossible to complete without dedicating days to grinding out the RNG drops. As is the tendency within V Rising, when a material is notably lacking, it’s high-time to look at the Blood Altar and figure out where your problem lies.