How to get grenadier units in Age of Empires IV

Bombard your opponents with the grenadier unit.

Image via Relic Entertainment

Grenadiers are one of the best units that you can get your hands on in Age of Empires IV. The reason these units are so great is due to the area damage they deal. Unfortunately, they are also hard to obtain and take a lot of effort. You won’t be getting your hands on these units for quite some time. Get ready for a long battle. Here is how to get the grenadiers.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Grenadiers are a unique unit to the Chinese, so you will need to choose that civilization when playing online or in a single-player skirmish. The next step is to reach the Imperial Age (the fourth age). It’s not good enough to reach the Imperial Age, you also need to establish the Ming Dynasty or build the Spirit Way. To do this, you will need to build all of the landmarks. There are a total of six that need to be built to reach the Ming Dynasty. The Spirit Way is able to build when you reach the Imperial Age.

Now you need to have one of your villagers build an archery range if you don’t already have one. Odds are, by the time you reach the Imperial Age, you will already have a few archery ranges built. The grenadiers cost 120 food, 60 wood, and 60 gold each to build. Grenadiers don’t get any upgrades from the archery range. To upgrade this unit, you will need to build a blacksmith and research the ranged damage upgrades.