How to get Gronk’s sword in Muck

Here’s how to get one of the very best weapons in this cult favorite sandbox game.

Image via Dani

In the dangerous world of Muck’s survival mode, it’s important to have a powerful weapon, both to protect yourself and to complete combat challenges so you can unlock new perks. Gronk’s Sword is the second strongest weapon in the game, dealing 110 damage per swing with an attack speed of 1.1, making it perfect for defeating most of the mid-game bosses. These are the three ways to get Gronk’s Sword.

Option 1: Kill Gronk

The most obvious way to get Gronk’s Sword is to kill its namesake, Gronk. Gronk is a fast-moving boss goblin who is very likely to spawn on night 3, 5, or 6, but if Gronk doesn’t show up on these nights, he’s guaranteed to spawn from his Boss Totem on day 8. Gronk is very dangerous, so be prepared with healing items, mithril armor, and a strong weapon like the Obamium Sword or the Wyvern Dagger.

To kill Gronk, wait for him to wind up for a big slash attack, and then circle around to attack from behind. Once you’ve defeated Gronk, he has a 2.5% chance to drop his sword, but don’t fret if he doesn’t. Gronk also has a chance to drop each of the items needed to craft his sword. You can also kill Gronk multiple times by visiting his Boss Totem or by completing Shrines after day 8.

Option 2: Craft Gronk’s Sword

The most straightforward way to get Gronk’s Sword is to craft it. Here’s how:

  1. Go to an Anvil.
  2. Add 10 Dark Oak Wood. You get Dark Oak Wood from harvesting Dark Oak Trees with an Adamantite Axe. Dark Oak Wood also sometimes drops off of Gronk, or another boss that shows up after day 8, Chief.
  3. Add a Blade. Blades drop off of Gronk, Goblins, or in Cave Chests.
  4. Add a Hilt. Hilts drop off of Gronk or Goblins.

These items are all hard to find though, so bear in mind you will need patience.

Option 3: Search Cave Chests

The easiest, if not most likely, way to get Gronk’s Sword is in Cave Chests, which have an extremely low chance to hold Gronk’s Sword. These chests also have a chance to hold the Dark Oak Wood and Blade that you’ll need to craft Gronk’s Sword, along with other valuable items.