How to get Halloween candy in Roblox Adopt Me – Halloween 2020 update

Adopt Me’s Halloween event is here.

Seasonal events are always exciting to jump into a game to see what rewards you earn. The Halloween event for the Roblox game, Adopt Me, is in full swing, and plenty of players are running around checking out everything going on. Players have the chance to earn Halloween candy by participating in the event, and there are only a handful of ways they can do it.

The first method is to visit the game’s shop. There Halloween candy will be available to every player whenever they enter the shop. It only occurs once a day, but for those who can’t devote too much time to exploring Adopt Me, it’s an excellent way to grab some decent candy to later use on a reward of your choice. The fastest way to teleport to the Halloween ship in Adopt Me is to click the Halloween event icon on the page’s left side to learn about the event. Once inside the shop, speak to the Headless Horsemen to receive your daily candy.

If you want to earn a bit more Halloween candy, you can participate in the Spirit Shadow minigame or the Pumpkin Smash. These activities are outside the Halloween Shop. Step outside the shop, and go to the location to your left. Stand inside the highlighted area near these events. There will be a timer next to the minigame’s name, detailing how long you have to wait until the next round starts.

Alternatively, you can use Roblox money to directly the candy, but this costs real-world money. You’re better off visiting the Halloween Shop every day or waiting until the minigames start to play them.