How to get Heisenberg’s Hammer in Resident Evil Village – Mechanical part locations

Put the hammer down.

Resident Evil Village

Image via Capcom

In Resident Evil Village, Heisenberg is one of the bosses you will need to deal with. You meet him early, in the tunnels below Castle Dimitrescu, where he wraps you up in iron and drags you in front of the the rest of his weird family. You’ll notice early that he is armed with a massive hammer.

Players who are curious about whether they can get the hammer or not are in for mixed news. While you can get the item, it is not a weapon that you can use. Rather, it is an item that you can build and then sell to the Duke for a considerable amount of money.

Players won’t be able to get Heisenberg’s Hammer until they get to his factor, which is a segment in the final part of the game. As plays make their way through the factory, they will come to a part where they need to use a Key Mold to make Heisenberg’s Key. In the next room, they will find a crumbling wall that they can destroy with an explosive. Inside, they will find the Mechanical Part (Cylinder) in a case.

Returning to the molding room, going through the door, up the stairs, and then left, will bring them to a door they can use Heisenberg’s Key in. Inside the room they will find more enemies, and another case that contains Mechanical Part (Shaft). Both part can then be combined in the Inventory to create Heisenberg’s Hammer.