How to get Hero Points fast in Guild Wars 2

Find out how to get Hero Points fast in Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 is all about building your character, unlocking the abilities you want, and creating the character you want to play as.

To level your character up, you will have to use Hero Points, the game’s currency for character progression. There are a few different ways to unlock Hero Points, including completing missions, participating in certain activities, and finding them in the world.

But if you are looking to get Hero Points as fast as you possibly can, follow our guide here to get the most bang for your buck.

HP Trains

The easiest way to get Hero Points in Guild Wars 2 is, by far, participating in HP Trains. These are essentially player-run events where another player will run you through an area of the game and help you unlock all the Hero Points in that area.

All you need to do is head to the Contacts and LFG panel and click on the “Looking for Group” section, which looks like a magnifying glass. This will open up a list of joinable groups. Look for the ones that offer “HP Train” in the description, and you can play with that player and net any Hero Points you want there. Some of them can offer you upwards of 150 Hero Points per run.

It’s also a good practice to give the person a piece of gold or something as a token of gratitude for their time.

World vs. World

HP Trains are really for players with the expansions in the game. If you are a player without the expansions, we recommend going into World vs. World and completing events.

As you rank up in WvW, you will acquire Proofs of Heroics items, which you can spend at vendors for items called Notarized Scrolls of Heroics and Notarized Scrolls of Maguuma Heroics. These scrolls can be consumed to complete a random hero challenge. This will give you a Hero Point.