How To Get High Quality Pal Oil & Craft Polymer in Palworld

Palworld players must battle hulking beasts to collect all the materials they need for crafting. Here is how to find High Quality Pal Oil.

Palworld Mammorest Quality Pal Oil

Screenshot via Gamepur

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In Palworld, nothing comes cheap, and the resources from apex Pals are some of the most important and difficult to locate. For those looking to find High Quality Pal Oil, a good deal of leveling up and combat prep will be required to stockpile a decent amount.

Palworld is a grind right from the moment players step on the map. Whether fans are searching for parts to build Pal Spheres, or need a vial of Pal Fluid, every craftable or base expansion is tethered to the goods dropped by Pals. Some of these items, like Quality Pal Oil, aren’t going to be accessible early on.

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How to Find Quality Pal Oil in Palworld

High Quality Pal Oil Palworld
Screenshot via Gamepur

High Quality Pal Oil can be obtained from higher-level, large Pals including Mammorest, Blazamut, and Kingpaca.

The first time I found High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld, I was only level 6, but a pack of Direhowl had run a Mammorest off a cliff, and I was able to slide down and finish it off with my pickaxe. The effort earned me x10 High Quality Oil I had to stock away until I was a high enough level to craft with it.

How To Craft Polymer in Palworld

To craft Polymer in Palworld, players will need to unlock the Production Assembly Line at Level 28, and then the Polymer recipe at Level 34. These can be obtained in the technology tab of the main menu.

After unlocking the recipes, and building the workstation, players can use x2 Quality Pal Oil to craft a Polymer item. This is needed in better weapon, building, and station recipes as players continue to advance in the game.

How to Grind Quality Pal Oil in Palworld

While grinding Quality Pal Oil is not a task for beginners in Palworld, it can be done after players reach level 20-25. The best way to do this is in groups on a multiplayer server, where a team of Pal Trainers can work together to attack Mammorest. These big, slow Pals can be found in most areas of the map, day or night.

Players must also face off against a boss Mammorest early in the game, though this beast is a high enough level it would be good to wait to take it on until better weapons an armor are unlocked. In the meantime, Palworld fans can simply scoot around it, especially if they build their base near the Grass Behemoth Hills fast travel location.