How to get Holiday Glaceon in Pokémon Go

Even Glaceon needs to stay warm.

Image via Niantic

While events in Pokémon Go allow players a better chance to catch specific Pokémon, it mainly attracts people by giving those Pokémon new costumes to wear. This generally does not change much about the Pokémon itself, but it’s a great way to add another layer of exclusivity to the events. During the Season of Heritage holiday 2021 event, Glaceon can be obtained with a holiday form that is wearing a winter cloak. Here is how to get it.

While Glaceon is one of the featured Pokémon during the holiday 2021 event, you can not catch it in the wild, and it will not appear in Field Research encounters. Additionally, evolving one of your Eevees into Glaceon will not give it the holiday costume. Instead, you will need to encounter Holiday Glaceon in three-star raids. Other Pokémon you may come across in three-star raids include Holiday Stantler, Cloyster, and Holiday Delibird. These raids are the exclusive spot to get Holiday Glaceon.

When you come across Holiday Glaceon in a three-star raid, you will want to counter it with either steel or fire-type attacks. Pokémon you will want to avoid using against it are flying, ground, grass, and especially dragon. Once you and anyone else in the raid knock down the Glaceon’s health, you will all have a chance to catch it. If you are lucky, you may even get a shiny form.