How to get Holowear Tickets in Pokémon Unite

They are not that easy to get.

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Pokémon Unite is another example of how if you slap the Pokémon brand on almost anything, it will end up being a success. In this free-to-play MOBA, there are a variety of cosmetics, playable Pokémon, and items that you can earn without needing to pay any real money. One of the multiple in-game currencies is Holowear Tickets, but there isn’t any out front information on how to get them. Here is how you can get Holowear Tickets in Pokémon Unite.

Holowear Tickets are the exclusive currency that will allow you to purchase new skins for your Pokémon in the Holowear Ticket Exchange section in Zirco Trading. To find it, select the Shops icon on the home page.

When you are in the Holowear Ticket Exchange, you can preview the different skins that are currently for sale, but there is no way to purchase the currency with real money, at least as of this writing. Instead, Holowear Tickets will need to be earned through a little bit of RNG luck, unfortunately.

As of this writing, the only known way to get Holowear Tickets is through the Energy Rewards loot boxes. Click the Pokéball on the right side of the home page, once you accumulate 100 energy, you get a loot box. You earn energy to get these loot boxes by completing matches. You can increase the energy you get by purchasing Energy Tanks and installing them here.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In the future, more ways to unlock Holowear Tickets may become available, but they do not appear in Missions or the first Battle Pass, at least at launch.