How to get Infinite Ammo in Resident Evil Village

Flex your trigger finger.

Resident Evil Village

Image via Capcom

The Resident Evil series has always done a great job of offering a very difficult, scary, and challenge first run to players, but allowing them to take the brakes off and have some fun after that. Resident Evil Village is no different, giving players the chance to get an Infinite Ammo cheat so that they can turn subsequent runs into a shootout with all manner of monsters.

This is extremely fun as the first run through the campaign can be a constant worry about finding enough ammo to survive. The first thing players need to do to get the infinite ammo cheat is to finish the game. A single run through the campaign will open up the Extra Content Shop.

The Extra Content Shop allows players to buy infinite ammo for different weapons using Completion Points. Completion Points can be earned by finishing various challenges in the game. Players can only purchase infinite ammo for weapons that they own all the parts and attachments for, so keep that in mind on your first run, and any subsequent runs that you make.

The number of Completion Points required to unlock the infinite ammo cheat for each weapon will vary, so keep that in mind as well. To find challenges to complete, players can check the Challenge menu that will also become available after their first campaign finish.