How to get Kestodon Husks in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Time for a sandy expedition.

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Kestodon Husks are a material added to Monster Hunter Rise with the Sunbreak expansion. Like most materials in Monster Hunter, these are used to craft a variety of different weapons and armor sets. As high level materials, Kestodon Husks are particularly important for late game gear. They aren’t too hard to find, but they do require reaching Master Rank quests, which you can do after unlocking the Sunbreak content and heading to Elgado Outpost.

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Where to find Kestodon Husks

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You can get Kestodon Husks by (surprise!) hunting Kestodon. Not just any Kestodon will work, though, as you’ll need to hunt them in Master Rank to find any husks. You can find Kestodon on the Sandy Plains map, which you should be pretty familiar with from the base version of Rise. These small monsters aren’t too hard to kill, and they’ll usually only give you trouble if they headbutt you while you’re focused on fighting a more dangerous foe. Once you defeat a Kestodon, you’ll have a 70% chance of picking up a husk upon carving it.

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Kestodon can be a little tricky to find in the Sandy Plains, but they tend to hang out around the middle portion of the map, near the small bodies of water. Areas 3, 5, 6, 7, and 11 are all good places to look for them, but we had the best luck searching area 5 in particular — which is marked on the map above. You can usually get a few Kestodon Husks in the course of a bigger hunt as long as you take a detour to look for them. If you want to pick husks up as quickly as possible, though, you may want to try heading straight to them in an Expedition, which should only take a couple of minutes at most.