All Jungle Buddy Recon locations in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Time for a reconnaissance mission.

Image via Capcom

If fast-traveling to sub-camps in Monster Hunter Rise isn’t quite enough for you and you need even more ways to get around the map quickly, then the Sunbreak expansion’s Buddy Recon system is just what you need. It’s a little more limited than the regular sub-camp system, only giving you the ability to use it once per mission, and requiring a bit of planning ahead. Still though, once you unlock it, you’ll gain another level of mastery over each biome you visit.

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Where to find both Buddy Recon Points

Screenshot by Gamepur

Finding both Buddy Recon Points in the Jungle is a pretty straightforward process. Unlike the sub-camp on this map, which is well-hidden inside a small passage, these are pretty much out in the open at the locations shown above, although they take a little climbing. That’s not a bad thing in the long run, though, since it’s nice to have fast-travel points on high ground, allowing you to survey your surroundings and Wirebug quickly to your target.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first Recon Point is directly south of area 7, on the west side of the map. It’s all the way at the top of the mountain here, sitting next to the large hollowed out tree shown above. Using this location gives you easy access to the long beach nearby.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The second Recon Point is on the ridge that runs along the east side of the map, between areas 9 and 2. It’s just a touch north of these areas, again on the highest part of the ridge. This one is even more out in the open too, sitting just on the edge near a small, nondescript tree. The Recon Point here will give you fast access to the cliffside on the eastern edge of the map as well as the nearby valley.