How to Get The Komodo-4FR Crucible Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2


There’s a new selection of weapons in Destiny 2 called Ritual Weapons. You can receive them from Lord Shaxx, The Drifter, and Zavala. You have to complete their respective quests to earn these weapons.

By completing Lord Shaxx’s quest, Heart of the Dragon, he awards you the Komodo-4FR linear fusion rifle. You need to do several things for Lord Shaxx, all while playing in the game’s Crucible matches, which are player-versus-player orientated.

To complete Heart of the Dragon, you need to:

  • Land 125 linear fusion rifle final blows
  • Land 15 linear fusion rifle precision final blows
  • Reach Glory rank “Heroic” in the Crucible

Of the required steps, Heroic will not take too long to complete. For many, it’ll be the first step they complete. It only takes 1050 points to earn the first rank of Heroic.

However, linear fusion rifles are some of the trickier weapons to use in player-versus-player games because of how long they take to charge before firing. When fighting NPCs, these weapons are great because of how much damage they deal.

The same goes for when fighting other players. However, the weapon’s charge and the amount of time it takes before it fires out makes it complicated. You need to anticipate your enemy’s movement in the match and watch out for them on your minimap.

The Komodo-4FR comes with the following perks:

  • Precision Frame
  • Polygonal Rifling
  • Accelerated Coils
  • No Distractions or Moving Target
  • Eye of the Storm or Box Breathing
  • Charge Time Masterwork