How to get Korblox Tokens in Roblox Youtube Simulator

Get Korblox Tokens quickly.

Image via Roblox Corporation

YouTube Simulator is a game available on the Roblox platform where players can live out their dreams of becoming the biggest YouTube star. As in real life, players start with no fame and have to build up everything gradually. To speed up the process of becoming a YouTube sensation, players can use Korblox Tokens to open rare chests and get different gear, which will aid them in various aspects of the game. However, acquiring Korblox Tokens is not easy as they are a grade above normal Tokens. To help players obtain Korblox Tokens in YouTube Simulator, here is a guide explaining how to do so.

How to get Korblox Tokens

Once players obtain Alien DBEST COMPUTER and interact with the Alien CEO, players can get Korblox Tokens in the Alien Room. Alternatively, players can use the Potted Nature Plaque method to obtain a single Korblox Token every four hours. Finally, players can also acquire a Korblox Token by getting heads in Token Flip. However, this is not a guaranteed method and relies on RNG.

Korblox Tokens allow players to open Korblox Chests, which contain better items in comparison to normal chests. Some of the items that players can get from a Korblox Chest include Brofist Plaque, Ultimate Guy, Crystal Plaque, Tube Plaque, and Humanoid Plaque.