How to Get Leather in Immortal Life

While some items in Immortal Life can be easily harvested, getting leather requires players to put in more of a fight

How to Get Leather in Immortal Life

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If players want to check off quests and endear themselves to the village in Immortal Life, they’ll need to collect a variety of resources. Leather is one of the more elusive items that you’ll need to find as you work to rebuild the Guiyun Sect.

While you’ll learn to gather wood and stone relatively quickly in the game, leather doesn’t come into play until a bit further in. Let’s talk about when and where you can first get your hands on some leather in Immortal Life.

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Unlocking the Mine in Immortal Life to Find Leather

Mine Entrance Immortal Life
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Before you can get leather in Immortal Life, you’ll need to progress far enough into the story to access the Mine. The Mines are directly to the east of your house in the Misty Valley, near the Save Crystal. It is marked on the map as Cave Entrance.

Cave Entrance Map Location Immortal Life Mine
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If you head over there too early in the game, you’ll see the opening, but it will be blocked off. Keep working your way through quests and eventually, you’ll get access.

After you complete a few initial quests, you will find Yang Zigin, one of your Guiyun Sect companions, standing outside the cave entrance. It will no longer be blocked, indicating that you can now get inside.

When you talk to him, he’ll ask you to head inside with him. Once there, Yang Zigin will guide you through a combat tutorial. You will need to complete the tutorial by battling a few monsters with your new weapon, and then you’ll be ready to collect leather.

In addition to getting items dropped by defeated monsters, you can get stone and harvest mushrooms in the Mine, making it a helpful place to go when you need to stock up.

Getting Leather From Monsters in Immortal Life

How to Get Leather Salamanders Immortal Life
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So far, we’ve only found one source of leather in Immortal Life, and that’s through battling monsters in the Mines. In particular, we’re looking for the salamander-like monster in the first level of the mines.

To get leather, you need to defeat the salamander monsters in the mines. When you defeat these critters that like to hang out in the watery area of this first level, they will occasionally drop leather. These drops aren’t incredibly common, so you may need to battle a few monsters before you receive any leather in return.

From what I’ve seen thus far, none of the other monsters drop leather, though they do drop other useful items. It also seems like the salamanders don’t spawn past Level 1 of the mines, so if you’re trying to get more leather, keep returning to the first level by leaving and coming back. Then, the monsters will respawn and give you another chance to battle them for leather.