How to get Legacy Points in Wildermyth

Create your legacy.

Image via Worldwalker Games

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As your progress through your epic adventure in Wildermyth, you and your party will be earning Legacy Points are you complete tasks and react to random events. Legacy Points are essential in preventing enemy cards from being drawn. You also need them to draw heroes when recruiting them and potentially calling on Legacy heroes from your Legacy pool to assist you.

Assault Missions

The best way to acquire Legacy Points is to clear a tile of monster armies. You can only do this once per campaign, so if you lose a tile to an Incursion armor assaulting a location, and you have to rebuild it, your party does not receive any Legacy Points for their efforts.

Story events

Another way to earn Legacy Points is through random events and completing story missions. These random story events happen when you explore a new tile that your heroes have not visited yet. The random event will have a critical decision, and if your decision came back positive, you normally receive a handful of Legacy Points. This is not the case for every story event, but a small handful offers them.

Elemental Spirits

Every so often, when you enter an assault map against enemies, an elemental spirit spawns there. If you catch the creature in time, you have the opportunity to obtain an elemental weapon of the same element as the spirit. You’ll have two choices, or you can choose to release the spirit for a single Legacy Point. These Legacy Points are much like the random story events where you can’t predict when they’re going to appear.

Losing Heroes

A more gruesome method to obtaining Legacy Points is by having your heroes perish in battle. When they die, a certain member of the party will bury them. If you choose to create a large memorial for them, you’ll receive two Legacy Points immediately. However, you can also choose to privately bury them close to their family, and you’ll receive two Legacy Points at the end of the chapter.

Completing a Chapter

The final way to earn Legacy Points is by completing a chapter in your campaign. Your party receives certain Legacy Points based on their performance. The more city tiles and enemies they slew, the more Legacy Points they will earn that they can use in later chapters. You have to find a balance between completing the chapter’s objective and cleaning up the map to defend cities, creating stations, and defending against enemy incursions. If you leave an incursion unchecked, it could sweep through a good chunk of your map, destroying a lot of your hard work, ruining the number of Legacy Points you receive at the end.