How to get Lilith’s Necklace in Terraria

Gain the power of the wolf.

Image via Re-logic

Plenty of new stuff was added in Terraria’s 1.4.4 update, but some additions are a little better hidden than others. While some new items, like the Shellphone, require a lot of legwork to attain, others just need a bit of insider knowledge to unlock. Lilith’s Necklace is one such item that is easier to obtain than it might first appear — here’s how to find it.

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How to find Lilith’s Necklace in Terraria

Lilith’s Necklace is a handy item to have on your person in Terraria, but it comes with a catch — it’s only accessible in Journey Mode, Terraria’s more casual “creative” mode that gives players a chance to experience the game without too much grinding and difficulty. Due to the nature of Journey Mode, this means that Lilith’s Necklace is, at present, unable to be acquired in other game modes. Nevertheless, the item can be researched and duplicated for other Journey Mode characters to acquire.

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Now, with all that out in mind, the method to get Lilith’s Necklace couldn’t be easier. You simply need to create a new Journey Mode character and call them “Wolfpet.” Make sure you get the name right because it’s case-sensitive. Once you load into the world, check your equipment, and you’ll find Lilith’s Necklace equipped in one of the accessory slots.

What does Lilith’s Necklace do in Terraria?

Image via Re-Logic

Lilith’s Necklace is a mount-summoning item in Terraria. In short, it turns you into a wolf so you can speed around the world on four legs. The wolf has a high jump height too, so make sure to make full use of that verticality. You can still use tools and weapons when in wolf form, and some of them even have dedicated animations too.