How to research and duplicate items in Terraria

How to use the new duplication feature in 1.4

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Update 1.4 for Terraria has released adding a ton of new items and game mechanics along with the usual bug fixes and updated graphics. One of the most anticipated additions brought with this update is the new Journey mode. Journey mode is a new game mode that gives players a lot of new powers and settings that aren’t available in the other game modes. These powers include the ability to research and duplicate items you collect during gameplay.

Researching items is relatively easy. The research option is available from the power menu. Just hit Esc, click on the power menu icon just below your inventory to access the available powers.

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From this menu, click on the gear icon to access the research power. You will notice than when you hover over items in the inventory now, there is some new red text at the bottom of the description. This text will tell you how many times you need to research and item to duplicate it later. If you want to duplicate something like bombs, you will need to research 99 before the option to duplicate them becomes available. In early playthroughs of the latest update, you only need to research rare and more useful items, like chests and tools, one time to duplicate them. On the other hand, you will need to research around 100 of the more common items, like torches and wood, to be able to duplicate them.

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When the research menu is open, just drop an item into the empty box and hit “Research.” The item will be consumed during the process, but if you have researched enough, it will become immediately available for duplication.

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Be very careful when choosing an item to duplicate. The item will be consumed in the process, and any duplicates will not have the same modifier. For example, if you research a godly wooden boomerang, you will only be able to duplicate an unmodified wooden boomerang.

To duplicate an item, click on the icon with the three colored blocks above the research power menu. This will give you access to an inventory menu with all of the items you can duplicate. This menu also features a search bar to make things easier once you have filled the menu in the late game. Just click and drag any item from the duplication menu into your inventory. There is no cost to duplicate an item, and you will get the maximum number that can be placed in a single inventory slot.