How to get the Shellphone in Terraria

Even better than a cell phone.

Image via Steam

The Shellphone is a handy tool added in Terraria’s 1.4.4 update. It combines the functionality of the Cell Phone, the Magic Conch, and the Demon Conch, all in one handy package. Considering all the helpful information and abilities those items provide, it’s a no-brainer that the avid adventurer in Terraria would want to get their hands on the upgraded version.

It’s not easy to get hold of, though, as might be expected from such a convenient tool. Here’s how to pick one up in Terraria.

Crafting a Shellphone in Terraria

The short version of the strategy to get a Shellphone is deceptively simple. All you need is a Cell Phone, a Magic Conch, a Demon Conch, and a Tinkerer’s Workshop. If you’ve been playing Terraria for a while, you might even have all these already. If not, well, that’s the difficult bit.

The Tinkerer’s Workshop can be purchased from the Goblin Tinkerer for 10 Gold Coins, which is about as straightforward as this gets. The two Conches are rare, randomized drops, so you’ll need to hope the RNG is on your side. The Magic Conch can be found in Mirage and Oasis Crates (12.5% drop chance) or in Sandstone Chests (14.39% drop chance). The Demon Conch, meanwhile, is a rare item that can be found by fishing in lava.

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The Cell Phone is really the hardest element to come across. Since it’s already such a handy item that combines so many different tools’ functionality in one handset, it’ll require you to find or craft all its component parts first before you can even think of making a Shellphone. Theoretically, the Cell Phone can be made by combining a Magic Mirror or Ice Mirror with a PDA, but in reality that will require 13 original constituent items — Compass, Depth Meter, DPS Meter, Fisherman’s Pocket Guide, Gold or Platinum Watch, Lifeform Analyzer, Weather Radio, Metal Detector, Radar, Sextant, Stopwatch, Tally Counter, and the Magic/Ice Mirror — as well as defeating Skeletron first.

Once you’ve completed that gargantuan task, you’ll be one step away from your precious Shellphone. Simply combine all three items at your Tinkerer’s Workshop and voila.

What does the Shellphone do in Terraria?

As you might expect from combining the Cell Phone, the Magic Conch, and the Demon Conch, the Shellphone provides the functionality of all three items in one place. Like its constituent parts, the Shellphone is a tool item rather than an accessory, and it can display a wealth of information, including fishing power, weather, moon phase, elevation, distance from the center of the world, time, nearest valuable environment item, movement speed, current DPS, total kills of the last enemy attacked, rare creatures nearby, and total number of nearby enemies. On top of all that, it can teleport the player to one of four locations — home, spawn point, the Ocean, or the Underworld. To change the teleport destination, just right-click on the item.