How to get Little Mermaid and a new Snow White/Crusher in SINoALICE

Under the sea—darling it’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from me.


Little Mermaid has joined the cast of SINoALICE‘s fairy tale characters. With an update on July 8, you will be able to potentially get a Little Mermaid/Breaker—the breaker class being blade-specialists—and a new Snow White/Crusher class that specializes in hammers.

How to get Little Mermaid/Breaker and Snow White/Crusher

These classes will (currently) only be obtainable through the gacha system, Grimoires. Starting on July 8, you will be able to access the Hammer of Justice Grimoire through the Grimoire tab in the SINoALICE menu. From here you will be able to purchase Hammer of Justice Grimoires with the in-game currency, Twilight Crystals.

There is no guarantee that you will actually get the new Little Mermaid/Breaker and Snow White/Crusher characters in any given Grimoire, but the update will also include higher rates for receiving the new characters, and the game is pretty transparent with seeing what those rates actually are. Inside the Grimoire you can tap on the “Appearance Rates” button and get all the information you need before deciding how many Twilight Crystals to put up.

If you need more Twilight Crystals, there are plenty of ways to get some without paying real-world money. Playing through the Main Story with various characters will certainly yield you a hefty sum, and the Rookies’ Path will get you even more.

SINoALICE is an elaborate game already, but the addition of Little Mermaid to the roster of fairy tale characters is a welcome one. There is no such thing as too many princesses in Yoko Taro’s dark and twisted fantasy world.