How to get long grass in The Survivalists

You need to gather a lot.

An essential item you need to find on the island of The Survivalists is long grass. It’s one of the basic items you need to craft a bed, among several other standard items, chief among them being rope, makeshift bowl, and many others. You want to acquire a lot of it during your playthrough, so always knowing where to find it makes your time surviving the island endlessly easier.

Before going to look around for long grass, you first want to make yourself a hand axe. You can make it using a few pebbles, which you can find on the ground nearby rocks, and it takes two of them to make a hand axe. After you have your hand axe, and equip it, take it to any of the bushes you find on the island. These bushes can be bare with nothing in them, they can contain berries, or they can be flowers you see in the grass. Hit the objects a few times, and long grass should appear after you destroy it.

While a necessary item, long grass can be a little annoying to find. You may have to explore beyond your initial starting location. We took a bit longer than we expected to find long grass, and we weren’t even able to sleep the first night on the island. Once we did find some, we coveted it on any occasion we could, so make sure to horde as much of it as you can.