How to get man-at-arms units in Age of Empires IV

The standard unit of any robust army.

Image via Relic Entertainment

The man-at-arms unit is a considerably powerful melee fighter in Age of Empires IV. You’ll be able to add this infantry fighter to nearly every civilization you play in the game, and if you’re looking for a robust combatant to add to your army, the man-at-arms is a great choice. Here’s what you need to know to get man-at-arms units in Age of Empires IV.

You can build the man-at-arms unit from your civilization’s barracks. You can construct the barracks in Age I, the Dark Age, and each civilization can make the building for 150 Wood. However, you’ll have to wait until you reach Age III, the Castle Age before the man-at-arms unit becomes available and unlocks. Thankfully, it does not take any additional technology or research to unlock it.

When building a man-at-arms, it costs 100 food and 20 gold. You can increase this unit’s attack and defense by purchasing upgrades at the Blacksmith, such as the Bloomery and Fitted Leatherwork.

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However, if you’re playing as the English civilization, you’ll have the chance to build the vanguard man-at-arms unit while playing in Age I. Although, it still costs the same as it does for every other civilization, 100 food and 20 gold. Having this unit early in the game can be good when playing at the English, but losing it will be extremely costly.

Screenshot by Gamepur