How to get Mizutsune Claw in Monster Hunter Rise

Time to hunt.

Monster Hunter Rise

Mizutsune Claw is a resource in Monster Hunter Rise that you will need if you want to make several powerful weapons. It can also be used as an upgrade and crafting material for armor, so many players will find themselves in need of this resource.

Unsurprisingly, you can get Mizutsune Claw by hunting the Mizutsune on the Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, and Flooded Forest maps. You will need to specifically target certain areas of the monster’s body to improve your chances of getting this resource.

Mizutsune Claw has an 80% chance of dropping from the left or right claw if you can break them. To break the claws, you will need to specifically attack these areas over the course of the fight. This can take a long time, and will not always work, but players will need to attack the beast in such a way that their blows land on the claws, so it is best to circle out to either side during this fight.

Mizutsune is a Water monster, so is immune to Water damage. The best type of damage to use in this fight is Thunder, which will do considerably more damage. Attacks with weapons that do Thunder damage to the claws will do a lot more damage than any other damage type to any other part of the body.

On Low Rank, Mizutsune Claw has a 15% chance of dropping as a target reward, a 13% chance of dropping as a carve reward from the body, and an 80% chance of dropping a break reward from the claws.

On High Rank, it also has a 22% chance of dropping as a capture reward, but breaks the claws still give a the best chance of getting this resource.