How to get Modification Drawings in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Your heroes need to have the best gear.

There are multiple items you will be farming to level up and enhance your heroes in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. Modification Drawings are among some of the more important. You use these in the gear shop, and a modification increases a gear’s stats. These are consistent stats and remain on the gear, even if you change that gear piece. Whenever you’re modifying your gear, there’s a chance you can hit a critical, boosting your gear’s stats even further. If a gear reaches a certain modified level, it ranks up, unlocking access to special stats.

There are several ways to obtain modification drawings to improve your gear. The most common location is to complete Agency Assessments and receive them as a period reward. The rounds end every few days, and you’ll receive multiple rewards based on your progress and how well you did. Modification drawings are among some of the most common drops from these chests.

You can also buy these items from the Mall, Alliance Shop, or on the Market. You can find the Mall on your main screen by clicking the shopping cart on the top right. They are under the Weekly Offers and will cost you Hero Coins. They’re also available in the Alliance Shop, which you can find on your Alliance screen or in the Mall. You can redeem your Alliance Points for them, and they typically cost 300 Alliance Points. The final place you can buy them is the Market, which is in the Gear section. They normally cost 200. The currency used on the Market is something you can earn by selling the gear you don’t need.

Once you have enough modification drawings, you can return to the Gear section and modify any of your chosen gear sets to improve all of your heroes.