How to get more Arena Dueling Swords in Fire Emblem Heroes

You can’t win if you don’t play! Learn how to get more Dueling Swords in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes

You’ve collected your Heroes, equipped your skills, and leveled your team. What now?

Battling AI opponents can be challenging and fun, but nothing is quite as satisfying as trouncing human opponents. Arena Duels let you put your squad to the test against other player-built teams. Each week is a new opportunity to ascend to a higher tier, but to do that, you’ll need Dueling Swords.

Dueling Swords restore slowly, much like Stamina. Every day, the game automatically starts you with three new swords. Win or lose, you use one sword for each match. Free Dueling Swords are in short supply, so use them wisely.

You can also obtain more Dueling Swords by purchasing a Dueling Crest from the My Nintendo shop. Using a Dueling Crest will give you three Dueling Swords.

Arena Duels offer great rewards if your team is up to snuff. At the end of each weeklong season, your points and ranking are tallied. Your score is calculated based on the difficulty of the teams you compete against. Each season has specific characters you should include in your team to get extra bonus points. Depending on your performance, you’ll earn Hero Feathers, which you can use to upgrade the rarity of one of your Heroes.