How to get more elixir in Nioh 2

Grab more elixirs to replenish more health in Nioh 2.

Elixir is how you heal your character in Nioh 2. It’s vital you have as much available to you as possible to give yourself an advantage against stronger enemies as you progress through the game. Your elixir refreshes every time you visit a shrine, but until then, you have a limited amount. 

You can acquire more elixir by visiting a shrine and make an offering to it in the main. Choose the make offering option, and then go to the first choice, which is make an offering. This is where you can sell your unused items to the spirits there who will reward you with Amrita and divine rice, and if you provide them with a good enough offering, they may offer you an elixir in return for free. However, this is not always the case and is random.

After you finish selling your items, return to the make offering menu, and scroll down to the option of Kodama bazaar. From here, you can purchase a variety of items, such as more arrows, Ochoko cups, antiparalytic needles, elixirs, and much more. You need divine rice to buy the items, so make sure you have enough. You can only hold a set amount of elixirs on you at any time, so after you reach a certain number, you cannot carry any more elixirs on you until you have used those up.

There are other methods and healing items available in the game, but elixirs are readily available early in the game. It’s good to know how to acquire them and how to gather up more to make the beginning of the game easier to progress further in Nioh 2.

Make sure to visit shrines often to buy elixirs you make it easier to fight enemies, and trade unused items to Kodama to receive divine rice. You need the rice to purchase anything in the store, and forgetting to do this can leave you wanting more items in your inventory.