How to get more medkits and use them in Crucible

Keep yourself alive and stay in the game.

Image via Amazon Games

Attacking enemies and fighting off the wildlife is a constant struggle in Crucible. While all characters have a steady amount of health regeneration, it’s not always enough, especially in the middle of a fight. Every character can hold a certain amount of medkits, but you want to make sure you consistently have access to them during a match.

To find them, you need to look for the floating green droids hanging around the map. They will have a large green plus icon on the sides of their body. When you approach them, you will have the option to obtain a new medkit from them, which takes a bit of time to make it into your inventory. Each character in Crucible has a maximum amount they can carry during a game.

A medkit gives you a significant amount of health back, which you can use during a fight or after escaping an encounter. You can see how much health you receive from a medkit based on a small, green outline surrounding your health on the bottom. You can activate your medkit by hitting the G-button on your keyboard. It takes a few seconds for the medkit to charge before you can use it on your character, which means you want to find a safe place to start using it. You can’t use the medkit immediately in a fight unless you evade your enemies, and you have a few seconds to spare.

Medkits are crucial in Crucible. You want to make sure you have a handful of them on your character at all times, or else it will be easy for enemies to pick you out and eliminate you from the game.