How to Get More PC Boxes in Pokémon Sword and Shield


PC Boxes are crucial in Pokémon Sword and Shield. You keep the Pokémon not in your party and want to use later in there. You may have been a little worried about available space, but there is a way to get more PC Boxes.

This is a straightforward thing to do. Head to any Pokémon Center and interact with the console to manage your PC Boxes. Go up to up to it and hit A, then select “Check Boxes.” You have eight boxes by default. Move a Pokémon from a Box and place it in an empty Box, and do this until all eight Boxes have at least one Pokemon in them.

Now, closeout of the menu, then load back in again. The number of PC Boxes you have will have doubled. You can do this twice more, to have a maximum of 32 Boxes.

It’s a straightforward method of expanding your PC Box space and you have a better idea of how much room you have to contain all of your Pokémon.

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