How to get more points in Mario Kart Tour


Mario Kart Tour has a level-up system that varies from racers you can get from completing available cups or from limited time pipes, to karts and gliders that can be upgraded. Here is the rundown on how to get more points to level up in both categories.

How to get more points in Mario Kart Tour

To add more points for your driver, you have two options: either owning a racer ticket or just by doing races until your character gains points. You can unlock tickets by doing courses from getting a certain number of stars. Racing is more grindy, but another option that can be beneficial if you plan to save the point-boost tickets for a specific racer. The more points you have, the higher score you’ll have to earn the highest number of stars for a track.

Like with the racer, karts also can earn more points by doing race tracks or having tickets. By grinding to a specific number of stars, or heading to the shop to buy a ticket with coins if available, increasing the kart’s points will increase your score to reach a maximum of five stars in a race.

And lastly, gliders have the same level-up process. You will need a specific ticket to upgrade the base points. Either by racing or using tickets, you can grind the base points until it is maxed out. Some gliders like the Bullet Bill Parachute have an increased chance to get Bullet Bill as an item, so increasing points will help level up to earn a higher chance.

The overall process can be grindy unless you’re not a free-to-play player, but you will be able to increase points for your preferred racer, kart, and glider for future races and even multiplayer when it eventually comes out.