How to get Mountain’s Root in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Gathering the ingredients for Ivaldi.

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Eivor sets out to make an unbreakable cord with the help of Ivaldi the dwarf. Ivaldi gives a list of ingredients to Eivor, however, to get those you need to solve a couple of riddles. Getting the mountain’s root is a bit tricky because the path to it is actually quite difficult.

To get the mountain’s root, you need to travel to the south-western corner of the map. The objective marker will guide you near a hill, but you need to find the exact location on your own. You will see a very tall mountain in front of you, and you need to climb to the top of it. You can synchronize at the mountain peak, and then perform a Leap of faith into a haystack.

Just in front of the haystack, you will find a golden rock. However, you can’t pick it up straight away. First, you need to equip your torch from the quick action wheel and then equip your torch. Throw the torch on top of the golden rock you see and wait for the fire to extinguish.

Once it extinguishes, you can pick it up. Throw it from the cliff, and it will fall into the river. Perform another Leap of Faith into the lake. At the edge of the lake, you will see a rock and a white branch popping out of it. Pick up the branch, and that’s the Mountain’s Root. Return back to Ivaldi with the Mountain’s Root and Cat’s Footfall to complete the quest.