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How to get mounts in Albion Online

Mount up and hit the road with a trusty steed, stag, or salamander.
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You will need a mount to get around Albion Online. There are different mounts for different needs, ranging from mules to oxen to giant lizards. There are two main ways to get mounts: the first way to get mounts is to craft them at the taming station, while the second way is to buy them at the market. We recommend buying your mounts, even if you want to craft them, but we will go over both methods below.

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Crafting Mounts

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To craft mounts, visit the saddler in town. They are represented on the local map with the icon of a horse, and their shop front has a horseshoe on it. When you speak with the saddler, you will see a list of craftable mounts and the requirements, which always include a tamed version of the animal you want to mount. Taming is a bit of an involved process for intermediate crafters but can be a fun challenge as you seek out and acquire all different mounts from all corners of the world. That said, for all players, we recommend buying most or all of your mounts. Even if you wish to tame and craft your own mounts, you will still need access to good mounts to get to and from your targets.

Buying Mounts

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The best way to get mounts is also the easiest: buy them on the market. Visit the market, then set your filter to show only mounts using the menu at the top of the screen, like in the screenshot above. You can search around for a deal, filter by tier, look for specific mounts, or set up a buy order for the specific mount you want. There are dozens of mounts, but the main ones you need to know are these:

  • Mules: the basic, beginner mount. These flood the market constantly, and are used as throwaways for players experimenting with dangerous activities.
  • Transport Oxes: Oxes and other transport mounts have very high carry capacities, but very low movespeed. They are suited for low-risk traders and crafters.
  • Riding Horses: Riding Horses, especially the tier 3 version, are the staple mount of all of Albion Online. No matter who you are or what you are doing, you probably have at least one of these in your inventory or bank. They are inexpensive, fast moving, and give respectable boosts to carry weight. Because of their popularity, they are also inconspicuous, making them a popular choice among high risk traders who want to blend in with the usual inter-city traffic.
  • Stags: Stags are the mid game mount of choice for many players because they have high movespeed and high carry weight bonuses. Though inaccessible to beginners, it is easy to upgrade to a stag and start extending your trips.

For a more thorough list of all mounts, you can search the market or read the official guide to mounts from Albion’s developers.

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