How to get mud and sand in The Survivalists

It’s all about the tools.

Image via Team17 Digital

Mud is a key resource for many craftable items and weapons in The Survivalists. In a surprising twist, mud isn’t crafted from dirt and water — it’s found. Mud and sand are not amongst the first materials available, but they aren’t first found late in the game either. The game encourages the use of blueprints for building and expanding. Exploring is important, but only when you have the tools to defend yourself and protect your base. 

The building and crafting system has a blueprint tree. Players start with only one tool: the hand axe. After building the first tool, other simple tools unlock. There is also a placement mode from the blueprint tree. It also starts with one item: the bed. After building the bed and fire pit, players will gain access to the crafting bench, where another crafting tree appears. 

Players need to build both large placement items and simple tools to gain access to mud and sand. In order to get mud, you need the simple shovel. It can only be crafted at the bench and needs some simple crafted items. 

Mud is found by digging in grasslands. Grasslands are green, open, grassy areas. They usually border the beach. If you dig into the grass, you will find mud, even if the next square over is a different biome.

Sand is found on the beach, and digging anywhere on the sandy part of the beach will give you sand. Digging anywhere else will only give you pebbles.