How to get Nectar in Pikmin Bloom

Reward your Pikmin.

Nectar is a Pikmin’s favorite snack, and you’ll be able to harvest it in Pikmin Bloom to reward your loyal Pikmin. Of course, you’re going to be hunting after this delicious resource if they want to grow flower petals on their head. Here’s what you need to know about getting Nectar and how to use it in Pikmin Bloom.

Your Pikmin are curious little creatures, and they’re bound to be wandering around the map while you’re walking around. Every so often, they’ll return with a piece of fruit they want to offer you. Every fruit they give you rewards you with Nectar, which you can then give them to grow the flowers on their heads. You’ll receive fruit and other rewards from Pikmin.

If you’re hurting on Nectar, another alternative to adding more to your inventory is to purchase it from the Pikmin Bloom store. You can buy 100 Nectar for 100 Coins, which cost real-world money. You’ll only want to do this if you have no method to walk around with your Pikmin and cannot find fruit using them.

The more Nectar you acquire, the more your Pikmin grow and reward you with flower petals. You’ll only receive a certain amount of petals from each Pikmin until you have to wait for the next day.