How to get Nessla in Temtem

This electric-water temtem is a powerhouse, and an absolute must-have for your team.

How to get Nessla

One of, if not the most powerful, temtem you can get on the first island is Nessla. Their abilities to slow the enemy team while also dealing damage, a hit multiple targets and for 50% of Nessla: self-healing, leave other Denizan temtems in the dust.

Nessla is based on the Loch Ness monster, but don’t worry; they are not as elusive as their real-world counterpart.

Suggested Preparations

  1. A Team Designed for Victory
    While Nessla is a dual-type Temtem, all of the techniques the wild Nessla you encounter will have will be electric. Sending out water, wind, or mental Temtem out against Nessla is not a good idea. Counteract that with nature, neutral, and crystal type temtems.
    Recommended Temtems: Saku, Tateru, Loali, Crystle (if you started with them)
  2. Why Not Ganki?
    Half of Nesslas (the Nessla you want) have a trait called Electric Synthesize. This turns electric-type damage into energy that heals Nessla. Nessla can also heal themselves with this.
  3. Temcard Up!
    While the trek to Nessla’s pond is not a long haul and doesn’t call for stocking up on healing items, it’s good to have a decent amount of Temcards with you.
    Recommended Purchase: 20 Temcards
Recommended Preparations - Nessla
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How to Find Nessla

  1. Beat Dojo Leader Sophia
    First and foremost, you must beat Sophia to get Nessla, because you need to get the Surfboard item to surf around the pond where you will find them.
  2. Best to call Arissola home base
    Arissola is the best place for you to go if you need to go back to a Temporium to heal or get more temcards due to only two grass patches being on that path. That said, you can get to Nessla’s pond from both Arissola and Briçal de Mar, for it lies in the middle of the Thalassian Cliffs.
  3. 5% Luck, 95% Will
    Once you reach Nessla’s pond, expect to face 10-20 encounters before reaching Nessla, for the chance of them being one of the 1-2 temtems present is a lowly 5%.
Nessla Location Guide
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How to catch Nessla

  1. Overexerting
    Nessla is most likely going to be using techniques that cost stamina in the double digits. This is going to lead to a good amount of overexertion, even early on in the battle. Try chipping down Nessla’s health slowly with weaker attacks or status affecting moves like Toxic Spores.
  2. Even More Self-Damage
    Nessla can also hurt themselves with their Chain Lightning if their trait is Hydrologist (raises the damage of water-type techniques) and not Electric Synthesize. Watch out, because you may lose them unexpectedly if they use Chain Lightning and overexert in the same turn.
  3. With Trait Power, Comes Trait Responsibility
    It may even be worth it to wait for a Nessla with Electric Synthesize trait if you want to get the most out of this temtem, though if you are more just focused on filling a page of your Tempedia, go ahead and catch it either way. As soon as their health gets into low orange or high red, begin throwing temcards.
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