How to get New Moon Armor Set in The Witcher 3

When you want Geralt to look like a dashing rogue.

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We are spoiled for choice when it comes to armor sets in the Witcher 3. It’s easy to look for armor sets with the best stats and synergies for your build, but at other times, you want to wear armor that looks cool. The Hearts of Stone DLC for the Witcher 3 introduced several new armor sets, including the New Moon armor set. It comprises a full gear set, meaning body armor, trousers, boots, and gauntlets. The set counts as Medium armor, let Geralt look like a swashbuckler in black leather, and comes in rarities of Magic, Master, and Relic. Here’s how to find the full New Moon armor set in the Witcher 3.

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Where to find New Moon armor in The Witcher 3

You can often find pieces of New Moon armor of Magic quality in chests and points of interest all over the Hearts of Stone DLC area in northeastern Velen. However, a few guaranteed locations have a higher chance of getting better-quality versions of the set pieces. They are mostly tied to the Open Sesame! questline, though some pieces are in other quest areas as well. Before hunting for the Relic pieces, make sure that you’re at least level 34 or above.

New Moon Boots location in The Witcher 3

Both the Magic and Master versions of the boots can be found during the Open Sesame! questline, most often in chests during the vault heist stage of the quest. However, for the Relic version of the armor, you have to go to the Kilkerinn Ruins. You can use the waypoint of the same name. There, climb to the highest point of the ruins, located near the platformed tree. You will find the Relic New Moon boots in the chest there, on one of the wooden platforms.

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New Moon Gauntlets location in The Witcher 3

The Magic version of the gauntlets can be randomly looted from chests, while the Master version is often found during the Open Sesame! questline, similar to the boots. But to get the Relic version, you have to go to the village of Heddel (there’s a direct waypoint there). Just outside of the village is a cemetery with a point of interest marker in the crypts. Head into the crypts and clear the Ghouls that infest it, then loot the guarded treasure chest, and you’ll find the Relic New Moon gauntlets.

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New Moon Trousers location in The Witcher 3

Like the gauntlets, the Magic version of the trousers can be randomly found in chests, while the Master version comes from the Open Sesame! quest. You can find the Relic version of the trousers while doing The Royal Air Force treasure hunt quest near the Vikk Watchtower. Head south from the waypoint to the ruined tower complex, which is guarded by many Harpies. Climb the ruined tower to the top, and near the Harpy, nests is a chest that holds the Relic New Moon Trousers.

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New Moon Body Armor location in The Witcher 3

Similarly to the boots, the Magic and Master versions are most often found in the vault section of the Open Sesame! questline. To find the Relic version of the armor, you have to go to the lighthouse on the island of Crane Cape. That’s close to where you fought the Ofiri Mage in the early stages of the DLC. Find the lighthouse that is conveniently near the waypoint, and climb to the second floor. In a lootable bundle, you will find the Relic New Moon Body armor.

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Relic New Moon Armor set stats in The Witcher 3

If you choose to wear the full set of Relic-quality New Moon medium armor, you will benefit from the following stats:

  • +50% Resistance to bludgeoning damage
  • +60% Resistance to slashing damage
  • +80% Critical hit damage bonus
  • +15% Critical hit chance
  • +25% Bonus gold