How to get new Skills and Titles in Tales of Arise

Self improvement.

Image via Famitsu/Bandai Namco

Titles make a return to Tales of Arise, marking a very important area that players will need to understand if they want to improve their characters. Titles can give players new skills and artes, so are definitely something that players should explore.

To view your Titles, hit the right D-Pad button when you are not in a fight. This will bring up the Skill Panel, showing of your titles and any artes you have access to. Where the titles are empty, you can hover over them to receive instructions on how to unlock them for us.

Not all Titles will have an unlock requirement like this, and will instead unlock when you hit a certain point in the story. When you unlock a Title, you will get access to a new skill that will either give an arte or some form of buff. Artes are active skills that can be used in combat and chained together to create devastating combos.

Unlocking Titles will also grant you SP, and these can be used to unlock new skills within those Titles. You can also earn SP from the campaign.

Pick your skills carefully, and try to build some good synergies on your team to ensure you have all eventually covered in combat.