How to get NHL 21 rewards in NHL 20

Want to get some free swag?

With NHL 21 around the corner, it might be a wise decision to boot up NHL 20 one last time. Why, you may ask? EA Sports is running a promotion during the month of September, one that will allow NHL players to receive in-game rewards for NHL 21 just from playing NHL 20. So what rewards can you receive? Let’s go over the items, plus what you have to do to get them.

Let’s start off with the World of CHEL rewards. Players who complete the CHEL objective will receive the following:

  • 8-Bit CHEL Vanity Set (four items, one of which is a jersey)
  • Neon Vice CHEL Vanity Set (four items)
  • Ovechkin Custom Jersey
  • Heat Wave CHEL Vanity Set (two items, one of which is a jersey)

In order to receive all of these items in NHL 20, all you will have to do is to log into the World of CHEL game mode. This offer will expire on October 5.

NHL players can also receive special NHL 21 items for Hockey Ultimate Team through NHL 20. If NHL users complete the NHL 21 Objective Set in NHL 20, those players will receive up to 1,400 NHL Points, which can be used to purchase packs, as well as an Ovechkin Custom Jersey. Like the World of CHEL promotion, this will expire on October 5.

Keep in mind that in order to claim these rewards, individuals must purchase and log into NHL 21 between October 16, 2020, and November 2, 2020.