How to get Oceara in Temtem

Oceara is one of the harder temtem to find and capture. This guide will give you all of the information you need to succeed.

How to get Oceara

The first time you battle against Oceara is during the first Dojo battle against Sophia, but you may also see Oceara as a companion to other players. While Oceara is one of the more difficult temtems to capture, there is a definite best way to go about the hunt for this temtem.

This a guide on how to tame the elusive ‘Sea Queen’ of Deniz.

Suggested Preparations

  1. Temtem Choice is Key
    Assemble a team of temtems that can easily defeat water temtems. Think type advantages. You will likely go through a lot of battles to get to Oceara.
    Recommended Temtem: Saku, Ganki, Saipat & Nessla
  2. Stock up a the Temporium
    Oceara is powerful, and she will not be captured easily. Be sure to purchase a hefty amount of Temcards before heading out. Since it may be a long haul, stocking up on some balm wouldn’t hurt either.
    Recommended Purchase: 20 Temcards, 5 balm. (Total cost: 700 pansuns)
Recommended Preparations - Oceara
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How to Find Oceara

  1. Beat Dojo Leader Sophia
    First and foremost, you must beat Sophia in order to get Oceara, because you need to get the Surfboard item in order to travel to the location where you will find her.
  2. Travel to Aquamarina Caves
    Surf off the coast of Briçal de Mar, past the docks, and go all the way north. To your left, you will see the cave system you are looking for
  3. Go to the lowest level waterfall
    Once you are inside of the caves, go north again and enter the tunnel all the way to the north east. This will lead you to a horseshoe-shaped cave. Follow that path down to a cave with a large waterfall
  4. Patience and Endurance
    Once you are in the correct room, you will have to surf around until you encounter Oceara. This may take a while, as her encounter rate is much lower than all the other Temtems there.
Oceara Location Guide
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How to catch Oceara

  1. Once you encounter Oceara, tread softly
    Oceara may overexert herself. It is best to chip away for health with attacks like peck, kick or bubble, rather than going for something more powerful.
    Warning: Half of the Ocearas are immune to poison, so using toxic spores on her is risky
  2. Don’t let her get knocked out
    Once her health is just barely into the red, stop attacking and start throwing Temcards. If you feel her health needs to go lower, it’s best to wait and let her overexert herself rather than attack again.
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