How to Get Odogaron Gem in Monster Hunter: World


Gems are some of the rarest materials to be found in Monster Hunter: World. Most monsters, especially the high-rank ones, will have a gem that is typically a required ingredient to their armor sets. The Odogaron Gem is one of those rare materials, and this guide will help you acquire it.

What is an Odogaron Gem

The Odogaron Gem is a rare material in Monster Hunter: World and described as follows:

A rare gem said to have formed within Odogaron tissue. Used to dramatically improve gear.

How to Get Odogaron Gem in Monster Hunter: World
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The Odogaron Gem is a vital ingredient of the Odogaron armor set, as well as the following weapons:

  • Sin Dual Blades
  • Garon Dhara II Lance
  • Odium Charge Blade
  • Vice Insect Glaive
  • Karma Light Bowgun

How to Get Odogaron Gems

Hunting Monsters

There are several different ways of obtaining an Odogaron Gem. As the name suggests, it can be farmed by defeating Odogarons in the wild. The chance of carving this gem out of a defeated Odogaron are quite low, however, often sitting in the low single digit percentages. Your best chance of receiving an Odogaron Gem is as a gold reward item.

Completing Optional Quests

Odogaron Gems can part of the reward pool of the following optional quests. Be aware that optional quests won’t unlock until you’ve progressed past a certain amount of assignments, but that’s unlikely to be a problem if you’re looking for Odogaron Gems.

  • The White Winds of the New World (Level 9)
  • A Summons from Below (Level 9)
  • Talons of Ire and Ice (Level 7)

From the Elder Melder

If you’re impatient or truly unfortunate to not come across any Odogaron Gems using the methods above, it is possible to craft an Odogaron Gem by using the Elder Melder. You will need to spend one Gold Wyverian Print to obtain an Odogaron Gem, not an insignificant price to pay.

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