How to get Old Currency in The Cycle: Frontier and what it’s used for

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You’ll come across Old Currency a lot in The Cycle: Frontier. The world of Fortuna III is littered with it because it’s what the society there used before it was abandoned. This guide explains how to get Old Currency and what to use it for so you know whether to put it in your pockets or not.

How to get Old Currency

Image via Yager

Old Currency is everywhere on Fortuna III. There’s no secret to picking it up, all you need to do is drop onto the planet and search everywhere for containers, cases, and other bootable objects. Old Currency should be inside at least a few, but most players report coming away from Fortuna III with bucketloads of the stuff.

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What do you do with Old Currency?

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The only thing you can do with Old Currency is sell it for K Marks. You can do this by heading over to see a vendor and handing it over. This means it can be a reasonably lucrative item to pick up on Fortuna III. Most players stick it in a safe pocket and pile in as much as possible. Since Old Currency has no weight, it doesn’t affect how much you can carry outside of the slot it takes up. If it’s in your safe pockets, you’re guaranteed a reward for your efforts on the planet. In many ways, it’s better than putting a weapon or something else in those pockets.

The only reason you’d need to farm Old Currency is if there’s an item in a shop somewhere that you desperately want to get. Hoarding as much Old Currency as you can and selling it upon your return will see you get one step closer to your goal each time, allowing you to deck your Prospector out with all sorts of fabulous gear to show off to your friends when you play with them.