How to get Orbs of Astral in Loop Hero

Do you have what it takes to acquire this resource?

Image via Devolver Digital

There are numerous resources you need to farm in Loop Hero if you want to progress in the game. You need them to upgrade your buildings, giving you a better chance of surviving the dangerous foes you’ll be encountering during your loop. One of the tougher resources you have to locate is an Orbs of Astral, sometimes referred to as Astral Orbs. Much like many of the resources in the game, they only appear and drop from certain situations. You won’t be able to pick it up after defeating a ratwolf, or by battling against a slime. These resources only drop after beating any of the bosses of the game, or they drop when you encounter any of the Mages or Cosmic enemies. If you’re not interested in battling against a boss at the end of a chapter, you’re better off focusing on spawning the Mage and Cosmic enemies.

The Mage and Cosmic enemies are pretty tough to encounter. A good way to have a Mage type appear is to place a Bookery next to a Vampire Mansion. If they are in range of each other, and the Bookery is exhausted, whenever you battle in the region these two tiles touch, a Vampire Mage will appear. These are a good enemy to potentially obtain Orbs of Astral to your collection.

Alternatively, you can try to summon Prime Matter or a Dark Slime to your loop. The Prime Matter will appear as a final form of a Ghost, so you need to kill an enemy within range of a battlefield and have it become a Ghost during combat. When you defeat a Ghost, it has the chance to become a Ghost of a Ghost, and then finally, Prime Matter.

For the Dark Slime, you can summon them by having a Goblin Camp appear on your loop, which happens when you place down 10 Mountain or Rock cards. You then want to use the Oblivion card to remove it from the field when a Goblin is spawning from the camp. This turns it into a Dark Slime enemy that you can battle.

If you want a more straightforward method, again, you can always tackle one of the bosses at the end of a chapter. These are some of the toughest enemies in the game, but they’re a good way to farm Astral Orbs if you’re in dire need of them to upgrade your camp.

We believe the best method would be to go after the Dark Slime as you’ll have a better chance of encountering them. After that, it’s the Vampire Mages when you combine the Vampire Mansion tiles with the Bookeries. These are probably the best methods, but as you delve deeper into Loop Hero, fighting earlier bosses is always a good idea if you require some higher-tier resources.