How to get out of the first room in Tormented Souls

Don’t stay trapped forever.


Screenshot by Gamepur

After a brief introductory cutscene, Tormented Souls throws you in at the deep end, waking up naked in a cold bath with one eye and a tube rammed down your throat. The game doesn’t get any easier because the first room is the first tough puzzle thrown at you. This guide covers how you get out of that first room and on with the rest of the nightmare.

Step 1: Inspect the cabinet

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you leave the bath and walk towards the mirror, you’ll need to watch a pretty gruesome cutscene. Following that, you’re free to explore the room and realize that you’re trapped. However, there is a way out. You need to inspect the white cabinet on the wall and open the left-hand door first. Inside, you’ll find a pocket watch. This has no significance right now, but it will soon.

Leave the cabinet and walk to the back of the room. There’s a locker here with a note inside it discussing the birth of a set of twins. The significant thing to note here is that the time of the twins’ birth was believed to have great importance because a watch stopped at the exact moment of birth. You now have that watch in your possession.

Go back to the cabinet and now turn your attention to the right-hand door. There’s a padlock on it with a combination code. You can work this out for yourself by inspecting the pocket watch and opening it to reveal the time. However, if you’re struggling to understand what the code is, just type in 1235. This will open the second cabinet door and reveal a wrench. Pick this up before moving on.

Step 2: Open the door

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This is likely where you got stuck when trying to leave the room without using this guide. The door is locked, and there’s no door handle on it. Open your inventory and inspect the wrench. You can interact with the screw on the side to widen or narrow the teeth. Widen the teeth by a single twist, and then interact with the door again. While on the interaction screen, you can select the wrench and use it with the door to open it. This will allow you to leave the room.