How to get overcharge kills in The Ascent

It’s not entirely clear.

Image via Neon Giant

There are all manner of activities in The Ascent that will net players some nice loot or some extra credits if they can figure out what to do to complete them.

Some players will find themselves in pursuit of Overcharge kills but with no idea as to how to achieve them. In this guide, we will show you what to do to get overcharge kills in The Ascent so that you can progress the Double Charge side mission.

To do this, you will first need to get yourself a Stasis Drone. These can be purchased in Tactical Shops for 22,000 uCreds, which is pretty expensive. The Drones will temporarily stun/freeze targets that enter their area of effect. Now, it’s a good idea to do this in the game’s early areas so that enemies will be low level.

Place the Stasis Drone down, then lure some enemies into the area of effect. Wait for them to be stunned, then start shooting them. An enemy that dies while under the influence of a Stasis Drone will actually explode, which is called an overcharge death.

You will need to kill a total of ten enemies in this manner to complete the Double Charge missions, and when you finish it and hand it in, you will get the Stasis Stomp augmentation as a reward. This special attack will cause stasis on nearby enemies, so you won’t need to worry about your Stasis Drone after that.