How to get past the afterburner turbine in the Quarantine Zone in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Afterburners on.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy combat

Image via Square Enix

The opening chapter of Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy will see players trying to make their way through a graveyard of spaceships that are held together by a strange alien resin. There will be assorted obstacles that players need to get past, and the entire mission will act as a tutorial for important mechanics in the game.

One of the things players will need to get used to is scanning the environment they are in to find a feature, then having another member of the team interact with it. At the afterburner, players will need to hit the R3 button to activate their visor, then look at the vent beside them. Scanning it will allow players to then hit the left bumper, bringing up the squad action menu. Selecting Rocket will send the little guy inside the vent, and he will be able to open the afterburner.

Once they get inside, there are some ship eaters the player can shoot to score more points against Rocket, then they can clear out all the grey matter on the second turbine. This will cause it to open it, and some platforms will appear that players can jump between to get out of the turbine room.